#Why Research#

I was exposed to the rich field of design because of the thoughts in my mind that I wanted to solve human-centered problems after had solved many engineering problems in the past. While diving in the design field, I have been completely attracted by the research work, which allowed me to work closely with human beings to explore and define the problems. 

I have been so lucky to find myself loving the whole process of research: quickly define the best research plan, do all I can to reach out to users, develop fast-forwarding relationships with them during short research sessions, quietly sort out all the cluttered but valuable research results alone, then sit with my team partners to share out my thoughts and learn from their opinions, and finally push the problem we defined to exquisite design solutions. 

#My Research Principles#

Always Believe in Users
Human beings are so complex but lovely. Always believing in users does not mean to believe every word they say, but means to believe that every word they say, even the lies they tell, has a reason behind it, a reason that maybe unknown to anyone in the world but could be the most valuable opportunity for designing them a better something.

Always Make a Plan, But Always Iterate It
Research plans should always been carefully made before head aiming at maximize the value of all research resources and opportunities. However, researchers should also always be prepared to change plans while facing unanticipated conditions. Be organized, and be flexible.

Study the Audiences Like the Users, 
Then Design a Story for the Audiences to Communicate Users' Needs
Though impactful stories can be very touching, the logic and evidences behind the stories are usually what really matters to many audience, especially to the decision makers who own the actual capabilities to deliver the final design to the real users.

Be the Communicator Across the Team
I believe researchers can, and should be the ones who can communicate best across the team. Researchers' primary job, in my view, is to bridge the gap between users and designers, so researchers are born as great listeners and translators among different people.


I foresee, in the future after touching more and more different types of users and products, my own research principles will continue to iterate with no endpoint. As a user researcher, conducting research on myself, my work style and even my life has already become my way to self-reflecting and growing.

Here are some of the teams I have worked with:

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